Spring Show Info

We are planning to have some type of spring showcase on the tentative date of Sunday, April 25th. Due to the current circumstances, we are unsure of what this will be at this time. Options include a few, short, socially distanced performances at an outdoor location in Harrisonburg OR an online/zoom performance.

While we keep the in-class focus on technical advancement and creative exploration, performing, in any form, can be a wonderful addition to quality fine arts education. The spring show allows students to demonstrate their love of dance, along with their hard work and dedication, that they have exerted throughout the year and we’d love to give this opportunity to the students this year.

Dress Rehearsal/Show:  If we are able to perform in person, there will be an additional fee to cover the expenses of the concert and a dress rehearsal at some point before the show.

*Schedule TBD

Tentative Show Date: April, 25, 2021 in the afternoon.

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