Welcome to CMAD

Registration is open for the Winter/Spring session!

FREE Pop Up Classes: This Wednesday, Dec. 16th! We will use the same link from classes this past semester. If you are new to CMAD and would like to participate, please send us an email at corristonmad@gmail.com by Tuesday at 8pm so that we can make sure you find the best class for your dancer. Schedule is as follows:

  • Wed. 4-4:45 – All Kinder Kids – Youth III
  • Wed. 4:50-5:15 – All Creative Tots’ (3’s) and PreK Dancers (4.5’s)
  • Wed. 5:05-6:05 – All Youth IV (4th and 5th graders with experience)
  • Wed. 6:10-7:10 – All Youth V-VII (6th-10th graders with experience)

Private lessons are available! Send a email to corristonmad@gmail.com for more information.

Extra classes for Love Your Body Week, Nov. 16 & Nov. 18:

  • Mon. 4:45-6:15 – All Youth V-VII
  • Wed. 3:45-4:40 – All Kinder Kids – Youth III
  • Wed. 4:45-5:20 – All Creative Tots (3’s) – PreK Dancers (4.5’s)
  • Wed. 5:30-6:35 – All Youth IV

Our virtual fall session was awesome! It’s amazing how well it works online. The dancers are still able to learn from each other, receive personalized feedback, grow technically, create choreography, and learn choreography. We will keep you posted about 2nd session when we know more!

Please email corristonmad@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thank you to all who joined in for our free, online classes! It was so wonderful to see many familiar and new faces. We sweat, laughed, shared, and danced!

Please stay safe and enjoy time with your families.

Corriston Movement and Dance is a growing dance center in Harrisonburg, VA.  Whether it’s your child’s first dance class or a passion they want to pursue, CMAD will invigorate, challenge, and care for your dancer.   Classes include the BrainDance/brain compatible education, anatomically safe technique, as well as a dance element each week (space, shape, level, direction, etc.) from which we will approach movement technically and creatively. Classes are nurturing, non-competitive and fun!

2018 CMAD Spring Showcase

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