Welcome to CMAD!

Our Winter/Spring session is underway and runs through April 29th!   

  • Youth IV/V ballet will have their observation day on March 14 to alleviate crowding at the studio.
  • MAD 1 – In class performance at the end of Parent Observation Day on April 24th.  Bring your cameras!
  • Dress rehearsal schedule for April 21st is under the Spring Show tab.
  • Spring Show!  April 29, 2018 at 3pm in the HHS auditorium – FREE!


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Corriston Movement and Dance is a growing dance center in Harrisonburg, VA.  Whether it’s your child’s first dance class or a passion they want to pursue, CMAD will invigorate, challenge, and care for your dancer.   Classes include the BrainDance/brain compatible education, anatomically safe technique, as well as a dance element each week (space, shape, level, direction, etc.) from which we will approach movement technically and creatively. Classes are nurturing, non-competitive and fun!

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