Welcome to CMAD!

Congratulations to all of our students on a wonderful Spring Show!

We are still working on our 2018-2019 schedule.  Due to both the growth of CMAD and the growth of classes at The Nest, we are in need of additional space for classes.  Once that is finalized we will post the schedule.  We apologize for the delay. 




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Corriston Movement and Dance is a growing dance center in Harrisonburg, VA.  Whether it’s your child’s first dance class or a passion they want to pursue, CMAD will invigorate, challenge, and care for your dancer.   Classes include the BrainDance/brain compatible education, anatomically safe technique, as well as a dance element each week (space, shape, level, direction, etc.) from which we will approach movement technically and creatively. Classes are nurturing, non-competitive and fun!

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