CMAD Policies

Dress Code:

All students are expected to be in proper attire for dance class. Students should be in fitted workout or dancewear, hair pulled back from the face, and proper shoes. Tights (convertible or footless in order to be barefoot during jazz), leotards, dance pants, leggings, and/or tank tops are preferred. Skirts are allowed only if attached to the leotard to prevent them from being a distraction and tutus are better left at home for dress up attire.  Ballet shoes are required for Pre-K Kids and older.


Observation of Classes:

We strongly believe that it is important for parents to know what is happening in our classroom so that you can encourage and talk to your children about what they are learning. We encourage you to join us during parent observation weeks. Announcements about our word of the week and dance steps that we are learning will be made to parents at the end of each class.

*Parent Watch Days are held twice in the first semester and once in the second semester at CMAD because we believe that it is important for you to understand our class structure.  It is also important for your dancer to have the opportunity to share what they have learned.  On mid-semester watch days, parents are invited to observe our whole class as we continue through our lessons.  The last watch day of first semester is similar to an in-class recital.  The dancers will present a few demonstrations of technique, examples of explorations covered in the prior weeks, and end with dance routines that show off what they have learned as well as student-led choreography! (Dates for watch days are under “Schedule.”)

Inclement Weather:   If schools or after-school activities are closed, CMAD is most-likely be closed.  The final decision will be made by 1:30 and posted on our facebook page. We will do our best to find a time time to make up that class either during our session or with added rehearsal time for the Spring Show.

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