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2021-22 Schedule & Pricing

Fall 2021: A 12-week session that runs Sept. 13 to Dec. 10th. For a doc with the schedule, click here.

*Due to the current state of the pandemic, this schedule/registration is only for fall of 2021.  As we learn more and as our younger dancers have the opportunity to be vaccinated, we will re-evaluate for the spring session or add classes as needed.

Yearly registration fee: $20/class (You will not pay this again in the spring!)

Discounts: Sibling discount – $25/year (for each additional dancer)     

CMAD classes with Miss Amber, assisted by various teaching artists and occasional guest instructors:                

_____Creative Tots & Pre-K Dancers (age 3.5-4.5) Tuesday 3:40-4:25 $114

_____Kinder Kids & Youth I: Ballet/Jazz (ages 5-7) Thursday 4:15-5:10 $125

_____Youth II-IV: Ballet/Jazz/Modern (ages 7-10) Tuesday 4:30-5:35 $140

_____Intermediate Ballet (ages 9.5-14) Tuesday 5:40-6:40 $132

_____Intermediate Jazz and Modern  (ages 9.5-14) Thursday 5:15-6:15 $132

_____Advanced Ballet and Pointe (ages 12-16) Tuesday 6:45-8:00 $153

_____Advanced Jazz and Modern (ages 12-16) Thursday 6:20-7:30 $148

*Weeks 1-3 will be online and 7 in-person classes will be held in October and November.  Our last 2 classes in December will be online unless rental space and COVID numbers allow us to be in person.

**In-person classes will be held at the Friendly City Dance Room.  It’s a beautiful, large space and we hope that CMAD parents might find some partnership dance classes that you are interested in there as well!

Winter/Spring 2021: A 15-week session that runs from approximately Jan. 3 to April 24th.

  • *New in 2021-22: The Spring Show fee is part of the class fee for our spring session. If you are paying for the full year to receive a 5% discount on classes, it has been wrapped into that fee. If you are paying per session, it will be part of the 2nd session fees. Please see information on the Spring Show Info page if you have any questions.

Class information:


We strongly believe that it is important for parents to know what is happening in our classroom so that you can encourage and talk to your children about what they are learning. Announcements about our word of the week and dance steps that we are learning will be made to parents at the end of each class.

*Family Observation Days are normally held twice in the first semester and once in the second semester at CMAD because we believe that it is important for you to understand our class structure.  It is also important for your dancer to have the opportunity to share what they have learned.  On mid-semester watch days, parents are invited to observe our whole class as we continue through our lessons. The last watch day of first semester is similar to an in-class recital.  The dancers will present a few demonstrations of technique, examples of explorations covered in the prior weeks, and end with dance routines that show off what they have learned as well as student-led choreography! (Dates for watch days will be sent out via email. *Due to COVID safety protocols, we will not hold in-person observation weeks this fall.

INCLEMENT WEATHER *For our classes this year, unless there is a power outage, we will still be able to hold classes virtually regardless of weather. (When we are able to hold in-person classes, if schools or after-school activities are closed, CMAD will hold classes online.)

DANCE ATTIRE: *Do your best! It’s ideal for dancers to be in dance attire, even when taking class online. When we return to in-person classes, students will need to arrive in what they are wearing for dance. If this means leggings and a tank top, that works! We will not be allowing students to change at the studio for class for COVID safety protocols.

In a normal year: all students are expected to be in movement attire for dance class and hair that is long enough should be tightly secured away from the face. Traditionally ballet dress codes function with a binary understanding of gender, and assign specific attire requirements to male-identifying and female-identifying dancers. We welcome students of all gender identities, and allow all dancers to choose from any of the options listed for their class level below:

  • Option A: Leotard of any color, and footed or convertible tights (pink or flesh tone of the dancer’s choosing), ballet shoes (pink or flesh tone of the dancer’s choosing). Skirts must be attached to the leotard for ages 3-7 to prevent them from being a distraction and tutus are better left at home for dress up attire.  
  • Option B: Pants or shorts that are not too baggy, fitted solid colored T-shirt. Black ballet shoes.
  • Option C: Workout attire (leggings and a fitted top), shoes appropriate for the class genre.

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